Amateur Radio of Liberland

1st Amateur Radio Activation from LSA - Liberland Settlement Assotiation (in Serbia)

Callsign: YU/S53SL/LSA (op. Gregor)
Activation day: 6. 7. 2015

Respond letter from IARU & CEPT

Official post from IARU:

Since Slovenia (your country), Serbia and the Croatia are all members of CEPT it seems to me that if you operate in accordance with the rules and regulations of your current CEPT license privileges then you should have no problems. My understanding is that “Liberland” is pretty much uninhabited so you will likely not get any questions about your operation from anyone there if there is no government operating within Liberland.

Best of luck.

73, Rod W6ROD

From: Gregor Kočar
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2015 7:43 AM

Message from CEPT Presidency:
"Dear Gregor,

Enlightening question to deal with early in the morning.

No man’s land does not exist.
Whether you are on a ship or a piece of land: the flag principle applies and amateur radio operators in international waters or airspace are subject to the reciprocal licensing requirements pertaining to the country under which the vessel is flagged or the country flag applies.
So, the land is always under a flag, for more info see on . Then you know which flag/ country to use.

Best regards
Thomas Weber
European Communications Office
Spectrum Management
Nyropsgade 37
DK-1602 Copenhagen, Denmark"

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